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Phobos Official News
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Official news and announcements.
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By [Guide] cmoe23 Dec 21, 16
Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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Phobos Online Community
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Discussion about general topics that do not involve the Game servers.
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By [Mod] Depreshen Nov 11, 17
Meet other Phobosians and get to know one another!
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By [Guide] cmoe23 Dec 10, 17
Get all the Information about our official Phobos TeamSpeak Server and then get on and join us.
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Community Contests and Events!
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By [Managr] Rock_TM a May 5, 15
Information about Phorum Ranks and how to get them!
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Go for it, rant, bitch, cry moan and groan. This is the Phobos Bar, and if you want to just kick it somewhere, you are more than welcome to kick it here.
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By [Managr] Rock_TM a Aug 6, 14
Controversial subjects, anything you want to argue. Respect all opinions, but know that everyone may not share the same opinion as you.
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Post your Music, Post music you like, talk about music you dont like, music news, music updates, music, music, music
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By [Founder] satisfiction a Sep 28, 14
All things media, movies, music, books, pop culture, it all goes here. Chat it up. Be trendy. It is okay with us.
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By [Founder] satisfiction a Jun 13, 16
Any news events around the world are welcome to be discussed here, and we encourage news from all over, and also allow it to be posted in whatever language you are more comfortable with. It is 2013, use the internet and translate.
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By [Mod] Depreshen Oct 27, 16
Where to apply to be staff on the Phorums! Staff Ranks, Responsibilities and perks!
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Warning: Contains Maths
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By [Managr] hoorigan Nov 9, 17
General Gaming
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Where we can discuss all things GAMING
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By [Founder] satisfiction a Dec 11, 16
Discuss and share all things PoGo related here!
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By [Founder] satisfiction a Nov 28, 16
A place for community members to write their "formal" reviews of various videogames. If someone becomes popular they can even get a sub-forum of their own to write reviews in!
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By [2-Year] Pyr0_Panda Nov 25, 15
This is the place to post your own system, or have people look over the system you want to build, or even post a review of some hardware that's been released. Maybe even share some hardware news?
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By [Founder] satisfiction a Mar 13, 17
Phobos Official Hosted MInecraft Server
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General Discussion involving the server and ONLY the server.
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By [2-Year] Pyr0_Panda Dec 14, 16
News and Updates involving Phobos PVP the server.
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Contest Entry, Contest Information, Event Dates, Event Ideas, Event Brainstorms, Event Volunteers, ALL THINGS EVENT AND CONTEST!!!!
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By [Guide] cmoe23 Apr 14, 16
The Offical Phobos Hosted Hub Server Forum!
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By [Managr] hoorigan Sep 15, 16
All things related to Phobos PVP
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All things related to the PHOBOS PVE world!
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All things related to ZOMBIE HORDE world
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By [Managr] Rock_TM a Oct 31, 15
Everything you need to know about our Vanilla Anarchy Server
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This is the place to report issues, hackers and to defend yourself against a ban.
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By [Managr] hoorigan Aug 14, 16
The place to apply for staff is here.
The place to bitch about staff members is here.
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By [Mod] SmokingMixes May 2, 16
We Welcome all ideas and suggestions for the server, please put your ideas and suggestions here.
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By [Founder] satisfiction a Sep 15, 16
The official Phobos Skyblock Server information center!
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By [Mod] Armando85418 Jun 12, 15
The Phobos White Listed Pheed the Beast Forum area!
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Minecraft Community
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Servers not hosted by Phobos but Phobos Approved
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News about Minecraft and where we can discuss upcoming updates and the like
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By [2-Year] Seniorhobo Mar 23, 16
General Discussion about Minecraft
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By [Managr] Rock_TM a Oct 25, 15
For Minecraft Skins, add your favorites, show off your best designs, request skin builds from other players, etc
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Show off your builds, request help with a build project, brag a little, help each other.
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Steam Community
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Steam Community Discussion
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A list of servers that host Steam games, certified by Phobos
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The Games we play on Steam
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By [Founder] satisfiction a Jun 22, 17
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