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Happy Easter

[Owner] satisfiction a posted Apr 16, 17

Hey there, Phobos!

Hope you are all having a Happy Easter!
Check your kits... "/kit eastereggs" has been given to all!



Hey guys! 

So as you can see we have been busy bees here at Phobos HQ.

You all know that I am a lover and not a fighter and that PVE has kind of been my baby since it was born. Now with having a new machine that can actually run the programs I love, I am able to be back in the middle of things and helping the team and one of the first things I wanted to talk about was PVE.

So we took the first steps this past weekend to decide where we want to go as a community. And here is what has been decided for PVE. 


After a lengthy discussion we have decided that it is time to retire the current PVE map. It is currently a major resource user...using 2GB versus the .5GB average that PVP uses (and we all know that PVP has WAY more plugins and epicness) so we believe there is probably a part of the map that is broken...causing the major resource leak. 

I know your first thought is. MY BUILDS OMG YOU CAN'T DESTROY THEM!! I want to promise you it is the first thing I thought too and we would never want do do something like that to you guys! 

So what we are going to do is zipping the maps and uploading them.. that is right you will be able to get a copy of the current PVE maps for your own personal use at no cost to you. Just ask us and we will be happy to get them to you once we have them ready to distribute! So you won't lose the things you have loved and spent so much time on! I know that feelings and we don't want to do that to anyone! 

***Please make note - if you want to be able to easily find your sethomes you need to go make note of your coordinates...because in your zipped copy of the map you will not have sethomes!! 

THE LAST DAY PVE WILL BE OPEN WILL BE FRIDAY 3/17/2017 at 10pm Eastern Atlantic Time (ATLANTA GA USA TIME) After this time the server will go down and the server will be unaccessible until relaunch. 


So where is PVE going in the future? 

A complete Relaunch of Phobos is happening. As you know we will be getting 2 PVP Servers - Nightmare and Classic. Catering to the differnt preferences of all of our players (there will be more on this from our PVP gurus later). 

So we will also be getting an all new PVE map. 

***Drum Roll*** 

A CUSTOM terrian PVE map. 

Oh yes. The custom terrian you love to explore and destroy in PVP will be coming to PVE!!! Build in exotic never before excavated biomes and let your creativity run wild knowing you don't have to worry about a cannon lighting your masterpiece on fire!! 

I am so super excited to be able to be a part of this relaunch, to bring Phobos back to its roots and get to build in an Eltoria-esk PVE map! 

I know there are lots of changes going on, but there is also a renassiance happening with Phobos. We are embracing the things that made us who we are, and we are opening up to the new things that will make us who we will become, and I hope that all of you will be a part of this with us. Our community is such a big, diverse, beautiful thing and we all deserve to have a place where we can be unapologetically ourselves - I hope that the Phobos Community can be that for you, as it has for me.

You are all amazing, I am so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful community. 

Please contact me with any concerns or ideas regarding PVE. 

<3 u all! 


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